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About Us

TEAMSTRATEGIZE is a partner-owned consulting firm run by passionate and innovative individuals. TS provides solutions that help to build businesses. TS is there, when an organization needs to take big leaps often into the unknown—to remain competitive in the marketplace.

TS aims to help firms drive high-impact strategic transformations by taking full advantage of exponential technology change and getting to the core of multiple issues and opportunities quickly and efficiently. Our approach is very practical, innovative, result oriented which thereby helps firms optimize their resources and achieve the best ROI.

Our Education initiatives are designed for academic institutions keeping the new age requirement of students and parents in mind.

  • Online SAT® prep course by US tutors and mentors
  • Medical Responder Training Course by certified professional via offline mode
  • Design Innovation program by Industry Professional

Our Consulting / Training initiatives for corporates and start-ups are designed keeping in mind the new trends and requisite changes required by the industry and the professionals.

  • Behavioural Training Programs
  • Brand Strategy
  • Technology Transfer and Fund Raising

TS offers consulting services:

To Empower Ideas to Profits

For Inspiration and Creation

For Training your Way to Success

For Quick and Effective Results

About TS
Our Motto

To Make Our Clients Become

To Make Our Clients Become Agile, Align Cost, Customer friendly


Become faster, flexible and intensely customer focussed.

Align Cost

Align cost with strategy and focus on growth.

Customer friendly

Deliver great customer experience that increases loyalty.

Our Services

Offerings By TS:


Brand TS combines decades of expertise to build a strong capital of work ethics by providing, sourcing and connecting start-ups with investor for seed funding.


Brand TS innovates in education platform through technology and skill.
Training modules for children to deal with sudden emergent medical emergency and trauma.
Setting up of new age educational tools driven by innovation and technology.


Audio Visuals, Corporate Films


Brand TS mediates and provides conciliation in Human Resource Management.
Corporate training modules through skill development, leadership training and integrating the staff with corporate goals.

Our Clients

Cerelia Nutritech is an IP based Pharmaceutical startup contributing for the enrichment of quality of life by developing innovative healthcare solutions addressing diverse medical needs.

Universal Inovator is an Indian research lab to promote research and development in India via conferences, FDPs, workshops, seminars, summer and winter schools, journals, research collaborations, patents, paper publication, book publications and collaborated national and international projects.