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Carrying our conversation with you further, there is some very interesting information one should know. During the ancient times, how did the Government or anyone else, for that matter, spread information to the general public about new Government rules or the staging of a new play in town, or the addition / deletion of any tax laws etc.

Initially, news announcers with drums used to visit towns and villages to spread such important information. Afterwards, the Egyptians started to put up Government notices, for public purposes on metal sheets. Later on King Ashoka, put up edicts on iron pillars, for posterity.

The same could be said about new businesses and their "Information Spreads", aka "Advertisements". Nowadays, advertisements are of TWO kinds, Print and Electronic Media's.

Print Media incl. Newspapers, journals etc., while the Electronic Media includes TV, OTT Platforms etc. Although established brands and firms may easily be able to afford these expenses, the question arises as to, how do startup and new ventures and other businesses afford them, and if not how do they propagate their products and services.

This is where, TEAMStrategize, partners with them and puts them "At Par" with the rest. TS believes in the golden rule of today’s business world – “What you see sells”, but then how does one “Brand the Unknown”.

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Through advertising, TS endeavors to support it’s partners / clients by –
  • Increasing company’s and thereby the Brand Visibility.
  • Increasing Brand Loyalty.
  • Increasing Customer Recall.
  • Increasing Acquisition of new Customer Base.
  • Increasing customer base by recalling customers, who had left the Brand.
  • Increasing artillery to increase domain coverage.
  • Increasing Brand awareness, within the Target Market PLUS New.
All these factors merge to generate more revenue for the Brand.