certified medical first responder training

Training Program

Design Innovation Program

One of our endeavours is to connect and unite like-minded people from the academic and professional world and give them a platform where they can understand the market, ideate, conceptualise and discover ways to showcase their design skills and create a full proof plan before implementation.

Unique Features of our Program

  • Industry professional to mentor and guide students for design training.
  • Faculty from the Industry as well as India’s premier institutes like IIT, NID and SPA for design innovation certified certification course.
  • Get exposed to practice based learning of the design innovation program.
  • Opportunity to discuss and present concepts and weave individual business ideas into reality.
  • Get the opportunity to connect with industry leaders with design certification.
  • Supportive learning environment for the faculty to ensure improved teaching performance.
  • We offer programs for School/ College Students & Professionals.

We offer programs for School/ College Students & Professional.

Medical Responder Program

Knowledge of first aid promotes a healthy, secure and a safer environment, and instils confidence amongst people, their families, their colleagues and associates. Basic first aid knowledge is very helpful in dealing with trauma situations. Not just the medical help they provide, but the confidence they exhibit is very helpful during casualties. Being trained to provide first aid is useful to oneself and society.

Our program aims to provide skills and knowledge to students who will be able to tackle any emergency situation aptly in cases where medical facility is not available in hand.

We offer the following programs in 3 levels
of the medical first responder certified certification
course (For School Levels)

  • Basic (Eligibility – Class 6-8).
  • Intermediate (Eligibility – Class 9-10).
  • Advanced (Eligibility – Class 11-12).