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Ms. Malobika Sengupta

Ms. Malobika Sengupta

Ms Sengupta is an effective, dynamic and a passionate CEO with over 25 years of marketing experience and has an exceptional ability to handle and manage teams. She is an apt example of the dictum that knowledge is power. She has always excelled in academics, was the National Scholarship winner in Class X and a topper of her PGDBM batch at the National Productivity Council. She completed her Mathematics Honours as the University topper and followed it with a course in Statistics from the prestigious Indian Statistical Institute. Ms. Malobika was instrumental in creating the brand Wigan & Leigh across India and has been the custodian of the WLCI brand. She has spearheaded the relationship with the UK partner for over two decades along with building a partner network of UK Universities. She is transparent in her approach and balanced in communication, her ability to read people and adapt management styles accordingly, has helped her achieve business goals and inspire people to succeed. She has been an effective coach to both young aspiring professionals being trained at the institution and to senior executives in her team. Being responsible for providing strategic leadership, she initiated the process of creating a unique industry driven curriculum for WLC with the help of an Employer’s Council, a network of senior industry professional from leading organization of the country.

Has managed the internal knowledge sharing process through trainer development programmes and training. She is persuasive and adept in working effectively to achieve goals both as a cross-functional leader and individual contributor.

Ms. Monalisa Mallick

Ms. Monalisa Mallick

Ms Mallick is an Alumna of the University of Delhi and Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta ( LDP) and has worked in the field of higher education where she has been able to achieve a niche for herself. Her key skills include; developing and exploring potential business avenue wherein she has been able to penetrate into new accounts & expand existing clientele.

Ms. Mallick has over 18+ years of experience as a business Development Strategic Consultant and has been able to achieve the ability to manage, convince and integrate each stakeholder by giving them competitive analysis of new market developments, so that business as a whole is optimized. She has particular expertise in the field of professional networking at various levels of channel synergization of business verticals with special focus on highest optimization of resources at hand. Her core belief is growth for one and all. She sincerely believes in the moto “Grow with others so that you grow yourself”.

Ms. Mallick's experience confirms that in order to grow as a professional, one must integrate all stakeholders i.e. whether they are horizontal or vertical at any point in time. Overall, she has been consistently demonstrating her skills in leadership, planning, and problem resolution. Her core competence is of giving direction to business enterprises who are looking for a focused strategic partner, who are professionally competent to create result oriented business maximization mechanism for optimizing the business chain for maximum output with minimum effort and investments.

Mr. Viswaroop Bhattacharya

Mr. Viswaroop Bhattacharya

Viswaroop Bhattacharya, an alumna of the fabled St.Columbus School, New Delhi and Delhi University holds dual Masters in Commerce and Business Management coupled with the fact that he has over 24 years of experience in the fields of Finance and Accounting, Communication and Business Networking.

Previous to joining Teamstrategize, he has worked extensively with the Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer (FITT), established by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in various capacities from 1998 till 2022. It was from here that his entrepreneurial knowledge took proper shape and form. Apart from his acting skills, Bhattacharya is an avid writer of short stories and a few of his stories have been converted into films, too. Not to lag behind in the field of technology, he has developed two medical responder applications and holds their copyrights, waiting for commercialization.

Strategic Partner

Ms. Pooja Bhatia

Ms. Pooja Bhatia - CEO,Innoberry LLC

Pooja Bhatia, is a professional turned entrepreneur, CEO of Inoberry LLC, a host, and an author. She is also dubbed as "Queen of Platforms". Inoberry's motto is to "simplify the lives of entrepreneurs, startups, and innovators". She is building three platforms currently. Dhvaani is one of the platforms which showcases inspiring stories of women entrepreneurs, experts, and innovators. SAAply is another one where you can find details of grants, schemes, and funding opportunities in one place. Last but not least is the Investing in Talent platform supporting you to make your dreams a reality.

She has 17 years of experience in managing and commercializing Intellectual Property. She holds an MBA degree in Technology Management, and two internationally recognized credentials: Certified Licensing Professional, Registered Technology Transfer Professional, and a registered patent agent with the Indian Patent Office.