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During the times of ancient India, education was imparted verbatim, and all texts were memorized and mastered by "Rote Learning". Students from all over the world used to come to various Gurukuls, for a world class education and return as masters of the sciences, arts & literature etc, after their education was completed.

Post the discovery of the "Paper", during the First Century AD, education for one, became more structured. The Gupta Dynasty gave us the ancient Nalanda University and many important manuscripts were written and stored for future references, which sadly got destroyed by, invaders.

Post Independence, India found that the level of education of its' masses, was in shambles. For any country to advance, it must have a very strong education and a healthcare system. Over time, both these sectors in India, are maturing, and are severely inter-dependent on each other, for their mutual growth.

Coming to the present times, modern education still uses the rote learning as well as the paper. But, is now better equipped with the advent of the "Computer". The computer and its alied technologies have completely revolutionized the education system. Now, at the click of a button, one can read and learn about anything under the sun, be it mathematics, history or even music. One may visit "YouTube" to learn about various "DIY" and assemble them, themselves in the comfort of there homes. Very similar to The Matrix Trilogy, isn't it. This super advancement has helped nation's all over the world, build institutions of great learnings for their own students and also from various other countries, get admitted to, very much like our own Nalanda University, of yesteryears. And one must know and others be informed that students of Indian origin, have been known to set quite a few unbreakable records.

Since, March 2020, not only is the world and particularly, India facing the deadly "COVID19" threat but the fact that the education at all levels have been highly compromised. And it ar'nt going away, anytime soon. TS in it's own way has been trying to help schools and the student population, to retain their original self and do what they do, best... Teach and Study.