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It all started with the fire, and then came the wheel. The wheel of the potter soon became the wheels of travel. Since then man has travelled to the Moon and back and is planning to travel to Mars, for a new life !!!

Man has come a long way, since the discovery of the fire and the invention of the wheel. Imagine, if man had commercialized them, the amount of royalty he would have earned over the period. Just imagine, if Arya Bhatta had patented the Zero "0" and if Sushruta had copyrighted the Charaka Samhita, what riches would they have accomplished and how advanced, would modern medicine research would have been by now. So, if we dare say they were all missed opportunities, and it should never happen again. We at TeamStrategize, want to ensure that this, actually does not happen again and that TS is here for the ”Critical Thinkers”.

Taking a cue from the above, TeamStrategize has now started it's new initiative InvestinginTalent also referred to as TS@IiT. The very purpose to starting this new initiative is to encourage talented students, faculties and individuals, to give shape to the business idea, that is latent in them.

This platform provides full support to Start-ups, by ways of advisory to run the business, IP and Tech Transfer support, connects them to Mentors and Investors thereby basically taking their Start-Up idea from the lab to the market. TS@IiT specializes in engineering/non-engineering products as well as service based Start-Ups, thus " Branding the Unknown."

TS@IiT connects with the best of Mentors and Investors to guide & fund the Start-Ups, post very strict due diligence.

TS@IiT specializes in setting up incubators, be it technical OR non technical business based incubators. TS@IiT with it's vast network ensures the proper mentoring of the Incubator and it's staff too.
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Fund Raising

When an idea of a product or a service is born, funds are required to sustain it. Such type of funds are infused into the business, primarily at three stages. Firstly, at the initial stage of the Start-up. Here the funds are required for setting up the business and the R&D work that needs to be developed. Secondly, when the R&D is complete and prototype is to built or the market test needs to be done. Thirdly, when the product is developed and needs to enter the market.
Funds are generally acquired from Angel Investors or through Venture Capital Fund Companies.

Angel investors are usually high net worth individuals who fund start- up ventures and get an equity stake in the business in return. Start- ups with the potential to grow and offer high returns are the ones opted by the angel investors. The funding offered, in these cases are usually a one-time investment or given as and when required by the start- up.

Venture Capital Fund Co. are on the other hand a form of private equity that is invested in start-up ventures with a long-term growth potential. They are funds managed professionally and they invest in selected promising ventures. Venture capital financing helps in the growth of your business as these are seasoned professionals and are likely to provide guidance in the decision-making process of your business and help you grow. This also means that they have a higher stake in your business.

TS helps the start- up entrepreneur to understand -
  • Financial requirements.
  • The purpose for which the funds are being raised – feasibility testing, clinical research, marketing/launching or scaling up.
  • The stake that you have part with or what you should retain.
  • Future projections – costs, expenses and growth.
  • Long-term and short-term business goals.
  • Type of funding suitable to achieve your business objectives.

TS after understanding the financial needs of the business helps in identifying the type of investment that is required for it to grow. This research, done by us depends on - type of funding based on the nature of the business, risks involved for the investors, the expected ROI and the nature of involvement of the investor in the decision- making process.

TS offers fund raising to Start-ups by -
  • Connecting Start-ups with Angel Investors.
  • Arranging debt fund offering that helps the Start-ups to grow.
  • Connects Start-ups with Venture Capitalists